November 7, 2023

Demiplane Launches Official Tools Enabling Marvel Fans to Create Their Own Super Heroes for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

Marvel RPG Fans Can Create Their Own Super Heroes with New Service from Demiplane

Experience Marvel Super Hero adventures like never before with Demiplane’s Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS

GREEN BAY, WI (November 7, 2023) – Demiplane announced the full release of its Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS today, including the official Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools for the new Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game. For every Marvel fan who ever imagined being a part of the stories they love, this new release unleashes the most powerful digital tools yet for creating and playing their own Marvel Super Hero saga.

In 2022, Demiplane and Marvel announced their collaboration with the playtest for the new game. The NEXUS’s purpose-built toolset and user-friendly approach generated a wide range of playtest feedback that Marvel incorporated through multiple rounds of fine-tuning. Today, Demiplane has officially released a new integrated digital home for the Marvel RPG.

One major new addition, the Character Builder, gives Marvel fans the ultimate Super Hero creation experience. Whether they’re playing online, in-person, or just letting their imagination explore, players are treated to a guided approach, walking through each step of the process. Because the game rules are seamlessly woven into the experience, newcomers can get started right away. For players who want to create variants of existing characters, the Character Builder allows them to adapt over 100 legendary Marvel heroes and villains to their own in-game universe.

“For so many fans, taking on the role of a Marvel character is what we dream about on a regular basis,” said Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane. “The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game gives us that opportunity, and jumping into the game with a legendary existing Marvel character – or bringing to life your very own creation – is easier than ever with the Marvel Multiverse RPG NEXUS character tools.”

“Accessibility and fun are two of the key pillars of the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game. The Demiplane team really took that to heart when developing the Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools and went above and beyond to deliver a product that will let players create characters from their wildest imagination for years to come,” said Carlos “CJ” Cervantes Jr., Marvel’s Project Lead & Producer for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game.

As a companion to the Character Builder, the new Character Sheet captures the spirit, strengths, and story of newly-created Marvel Super Heroes in a format that's as dynamic and immersive as the Multiverse itself. In addition to being mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly, the Character Sheet places cosmic power at the player’s fingertips: updating and modifying stats, tracking experience, rolling Action Checks with the all-new d616 dice system, and sharing characters with Narrators or fellow players. Rules, related lore, and other resources are just a click away. Combined with the Character Builder, the Character Sheet brings next-level convenience and immersion to roleplaying enthusiasts and brand new players alike.

In addition to the Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools, Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS also includes an array of other features to help players and Narrators get the most out of the game, including:

- Official NEXUS edition Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game online books

- Quick-reference Game Rules Compendium

- Matchmaking and game session tracking

- Collaborative gameplay tools like video, voice, and chat

- Cross-device compatibility for in-person and online play

With a free account, players can forge up to 7 characters and explore core features. For those seeking expanded capabilities and unlimited characters, additional options are available. Explore the Marvel Multiverse at


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