Demiplane keeps you and your favorite wizards, warriors, and space rangers connected with free video and voice chat, shared journaling, matchmaking, and much more to come!

Choose Your Own Tutorial

New to Demiplane? Find out how Demiplane can enhance your tabletop roleplaying sessions with a Choose Your Own Tutorial adventure!

Visit the Nexus of Multiverses for an Introduction to Demiplane, the Plane of Profiles to see how to find games and build your legend, and the Adventuring Plane to learn all about Demiplane's Adventure Portal!

Great Sessions
Start Here

Create your own Adventure Portal. Invite your friends to start rolling dice and slaying – or saving – kobolds.
Find and Join Games. Demiplane makes it easy to find people who play the way you do across over 180+ tabletop game systems.

Build Your Legend!

Most Valuable Adventurer. Become a legend – in the game and out. Demiplane’s ever-expanding rating and award system allows players to celebrate each other for what makes games great.

Built-In Payment and Tipping. As a Game Master’s stories spread across their worlds, their collection of minis can, too.


Finding players to join your story can be tedious and complicated. Demiplane’s matching engine and scheduling features manage in-and-out-of-game logistics so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

Voice & Video Chat

We were using Alt+Tab more than rolling our dice, so we built video and voice chat for the purpose of tabletop gaming. Now Game Masters and players can focus on the most important part of their story – each other.

Shared Notes

Keep track of every quest, reward, and big moment for every game you play. With your notes only one-click away, you’ll never forget a nonplayer character name or how many gold pieces you earned again!

Leveling Up

We’re just getting started with Demiplane and look forward to leveling up in the days ahead. Our quest is to make the game better with everything we do. Have feedback or feature requests? Join our Discord server!