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Demiplane has teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to create Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS, an official digital toolset for Marvel’s upcoming tabletop roleplaying game. Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game NEXUS on Demiplane launches April 20th, with preorders for the Playtest Rulebook available now!

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Official digital toolsets to make your favorite tabletop roleplaying games even faster and easier to play. A Demiplane NEXUS gives you full digital content, rules search, interactive tooltips, and much more to come for the growing library of games on Demiplane. The Digital Reader and Game Compendium is perfect for any way you play, in person with friends or virtually online.


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Powerful and flexible tools for use with any tabletop roleplaying game, plus features to support professional Game Masters - including an algorithm-driven group and game finder, video and voice, chat and shared journals, dice rolling, tipping and paid adventures, and more!

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Demiplane news, deep dives, how-tos, tips & tricks, and featured content to fuel creativity for your next character or game session. Plunge into epic stories each week with the programming on our Twitch Channel, or catch up on YouTube!

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