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When you're dedicated to make every aspect of tabletop gameplay better, there is bound to be something new that's been released or in the works! Find the latest development updates, feature releases, and bug fixes below!

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The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Closed Alpha is ongoing - for more detailed update notes and to share feedback, visit the Character Tools Feedback subforum.

MARCH 7, 2023

A new build went out just now with several updates to class features for the Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard, plus the all-important tracking of the alpha modal confirmation where you won’t have to see my smiling face every time you go to the builder.

  • Work continues on Mobile and Tablet display for Builder and Sheet. These are two projects and can be released independent of the other.
  • Resolved an issue impacting cantrips that dealt flat damage at low levels. These cantrips should no longer display an error message in the roller.
  • The Builder’s Alpha Modal that prompts acceptance remains closed once you’ve accepted it.
  • Notes have been reactivated for use. You are now able to type notes in drawers and hit ‘enter’ to save. We still need to reinsert the secondary menu (which allows for editing and removing the comment), but wanted to get this first pass out today.
  • Spell slots of a given level can now be filled with any spell that level or lower. We continue working on the damage calculation logic that ensures a spell selected utilizes the highest allowed heightened effect.
  • Weapon Attacks calculations are now broken out for display.
Fighter Class Support
  • Combat Flexibility now allows selection of feats in the Builder. If you’re on the character sheet, you can navigate to the Builder by selecting your portrait on the Sheet.
  • Weapon Legend now allows users to select which Weapon Group to improve.
Rogue Class Support
  • Initial Proficiencies appear as a feature.
  • Rogue Skill Feats are now appearing at every level.
  • Debilitating Strike and Master Strike now appears in the Actions & Activities panel as an attack (in addition to the Feats & Features tab).
  • The Rogue’s Skill Increase class feature now appears at every level after Level 2.
  • The Ruffian Racket no longer immediately grants Master level armor proficiencies.
Wizard Class Support
  • Initial Proficiencies appear as a class feature and are now applied correctly.
  • Resolved issues with the number of Level 3 spell slots duplicating.
  • Magical Fortitude correct sets the Fortitude Saving Throw proficiency level to Expert.

We’ll be back with more later this week. Thanks for your help and participation in the Closed Alpha!

MARCH 2, 2023

We released a small update yesterday as the team shifts into mobile display and addresses inconsistencies with various Class Features. Below are the items in our latest release:

  • Extended the “Current Hit Points” tracker to support 3 values in the Hit Points Drawer
  • Added support for all classes’ Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization feature
  • Added a temporary note in the Perception Drawer for the Fighter’s “Battlefield Surveyor 1” class feature. We have a more full-featured solution ready when we circle back to update the Initiative button that current rests at the top of the Character Sheet.
  • Added support for the Fighter’s Weapon Mastery feature, which allows users to choose a weapon group to increase their proficiency.
  • Resolved an issue with the Feats & Features display not displaying properly.

More to come next week - hope everyone has a good weekend!

February 28, 2023

Hello everyone!

We’ve leveled up our widescreen drawer support (and more) in today’s Pathfinder 2e Character Tools update! Here’s what’s new:

  • No more bouncing back and forth - drawers will now stay in view as you scroll through a character’s details on widescreen monitors.
  • Each spell’s Spell Attack modifier and Saves are built up in their drawer, displaying each bonus (or penalty).
  • All Character Sheet Drawers and the Equipment Section now have empty states while loading content.
  • Characters are now limited to 3 Hero Points
  • Max Hit Points are no longer being overridden by hit points tied to the Character’s Class.
  • Finally - for all of our sword-and-board enthusiasts - we have released our first wave of Shield Mechanics support. Add and equip a shield in the Equipment section to toggle the new shield component.
  • Work continues on the Shield Mechanic drawer, which displays information about the specific shield equipped, as well as allows users to edit Shield HP.

The team is now working on Spell Heightening. While that work is taking place, we are also beginning to tackle Builder layout updates for smaller screens, tablets, and mobile devices.


February 22, 2023

Hello everyone!

We have another batch of updates and fixes for the Pathfinder 2e Character Tools on Demiplane that just went live. This includes a set of touch-ups for the recently-released Spells functionality, and another round of performance enhancements aimed at improving builder response times. We have also made several updates to class-related features.

General Updates
  • In response to popular demand, clicking on a character’s card in the “My Characters” section of Demiplane now directs you to the Character Sheet instead of the Character Builder.
  • You can still access the Character Builder through the kebob menu or by clicking on the Character Sheet portrait.
  • Further platform performance enhancements have been made to improve builder response times.
  • Fixed the Action symbol filters in the Character Sheet’s Action & Activities list.
  • Increased the number of results available in the Add Spells drawer, so all spells available for a given level and feature should now be displayed.
  • Updated Spell Display drawers to include Spell Attacks and Spell Saves.
  • Updated Innate Spellcasting attack and save calculations, with work continuing on innate spell-granting features and feats.
  • Resolved an issue where Armor Class was calculating correctly in the Armor Class drawers but not in the AC display on the sheet.
  • Updated the styling of the Hit Points drawer to match other drawers.
  • Resolved an issue where damage was reducing the character’s Hit Point pool despite having Temporary Hit Points.
  • Resolved an issue where page numbers were not appearing when selecting Backgrounds.
Class Updates
  • Alchemist
  • Chirurgeon is now available as an Alchemist class option.
  • Cleric
  • The Harm & Heal Divine Font class features can now be expanded without crashing the Builder.
  • Investigator
  • Resolved issues where Skill Increases were not appropriately increasing skill proficiencies
  • Sorcerer
  • Resolved issues with the Elemental, Genie, and Wyrmblessed Bloodlines crashing the Character Builder when selected.
  • Swashbuckler
  • Resolved issue with Stylish Tricks not being able to be unlocked.
  • Resolved issue with the Eternal Confidence class feature not displaying information.
  • Wizard
  • Arcane Schools are now available to be selected.
  • Selecting an Arcane School grants extra slots that are able to be filled with known spells of the selected school.

Moving forward, we are continuing our efforts by expanding into two new categories: implementing shield mechanics and mobile/tablet/responsive layouts for the Character Builder and Sheet, in addition to implementing various class feature mechanics.

Thanks for your help!

February 16, 2023

Hello everyone!

We have just released a few updates and enhancements to our Pathfinder 2e Spellcasting feature we released on Tuesday:

  • All focus spells granted by classes or class features should now be added directly onto a Character’s sheet.
  • We have identified an issue with Wizards and Clerics where this is not happening. We are working towards the solution!
  • There was an issue where spellbook users were not able to move prepared spells onto their sheet.

We’ll be back Tuesday with more, and as always, thanks for your help testing!

February 14, 2023

With a few extra days of development under our belt, we’re thrilled to announce that our Alpha Spellcasting Features are now available for you and your groupmates to explore!

Unlock the worlds of arcane, divine, occult, and primal possibilities with the new Spells section, accessible from the “Spells” tab on your Character Sheet. For characters with Spellcasting capabilities, you’ll find several rows where spells can be selected, grouped by the level of spells available to be cast. Plus, characters with prepopulated spells granted by features like the Sorcerer’s Bloodline or the Bard’s Muse will have them ready and available the moment they’re created.

Selecting an available row will open up your Add Spell drawer or Spellbook, where you’ll find a list of spells available to your character. We are working to ensure that these spells are immediately available on your sheet after creation - we’ll be updating class by class now that this foundational capability is out.

Finally, everyone knows the best part about rules involves breaking them! The Settings button at the top of the spells section assists you in bending the reality of your spellcasting situation further than Pathfinder’s system typically allows. Select the Settings button to override the number of spell slots you have for a given spellcasting feature. Or, throw all rules out the window and add spell slots entirely ungoverned by the rules – what good is a level 4 monk if they don’t have several fireball spells at their disposal, after all?

Thanks to everyone for being patient with us as we spent the past 5-6 days preparing this release. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

And here are some specifics, although this is a big update and there could be several minor things that aren’t included in the list below.

  • Added Spellcasting support for broad spellcasting features, including focus and ritual spells.
  • Began adding Spellcasting support for magic items.
  • Please note: support for items that add innate spells are following a basic ruleset of determining innate spellcasting attack rolls and save DCs (trained proficiency for both attacks and saves, plus CHA modifiers where applicable)
  • Added Spellbook Management for classes leveraging spellbook and spellbook-like features.
  • Heightened Spells are available for selection in higher-level spell slots. We are working on scaling damage accordingly.
  • The Cast button has been added to govern spell resources (primarily, spell slots) as they are consumed.
  • Preferences & Rules section should no longer result in an endless portal spinner in the center column.
  • Skill Feats granted by selecting a Background now displays the Feat’s information in the Character Builder.
  • Speed Penalties from having Armor and Shields are now applied and removed when the armor and/or shields are removed.
  • We’ve added a new capability that allows us to add text above certain character choices to help provide important context.
Areas of Future Focus
  • There are still Spellcasting feats and features (including Archetypes) that need additional work to bring across the finish line. This work will continue.
  • An example of this type of work include things like “Signature Spells” which delivers a special experience for a selected spell.
  • We’ve identified an issue with the “My Library” drawer delivering a poor experience. We’re exploring how best to improve this.
  • Some spells may be displaying damage as “NaN” - we’re actively hunting these spells down. If you see them, please let us know.

January 24, 2023

Hello everyone!

Seeing the increased amount of feedback has been exciting - we appreciate your participation in the alpha. Today’s release includes many updates and enhancements regarding the application of bonuses and penalties to characters across the Character Sheet. We’ve been working on our “bonus infrastructure” and are glad to see things shaping up so well.

  • Added over 500 different bonuses and penalties into the Character Sheet. For example, wearing the Hat of the Magi - which grants +1 to Arcana checks - now delivers that bonus onto the sheet.
  • Known Bugs: Two bugs are impacting equipping and unequipping armor. Equipping armor displays an inflated AC on the sheet (the correct AC displays in the drawer) and does not display a speed penalty until refreshed. Additionally, unequipping armor with a speed penalty does not remove the speed penalty until you refresh the character sheet.
  • Added 120+ notes to various items, feats, features, and spells (coming soon!). These notes are added to your character’s sheet as the character progresses or equips items.
  • Damage types now contain fancy little icons. Bonus internet points to the character who collects them all!
  • As characters advance, Pathfinder 2e becomes a game of big bonuses. To understand what character choices are influencing your bonuses, we have incorporated a bonus build-up list in popular areas of the character sheet. Below are the areas you can find the new bonus build-up lists:
  • Armor Class drawer
  • Saving Throws drawer
  • Perception drawer
  • Hit Points Drawer
  • Skill & Skill Action drawers
  • We were overzealous in applying a three boost / one flaw Ancestry Ability Boost option. We have removed this Ancestry Ability Boost option.
  • Note: If you have a character with the no-longer-present three boost / one flaw option selected, your character will break if you choose one of the remaining Ancestry Ability Boost options.
  • Another Note: We are receiving reports of Characters receiving +6 to ability scores when selecting an Ancestry Ability Boost option. We are having a difficult time replicating this issue - any outside assistance in reproducing this will be of great help!
  • Certain Actions, Feats, and Character Options were duplicated in the Character Builder and Sheet. We have resolved many of these issues. If you run into any others, please let us know!

January 19, 2023

Hello everyone! We’ve pushed several updates today that are detailed below.

Before we get into today’s release, behind the scenes, we have been hard at work on two major updates that you’ll see soon.

The two major ‘in-flight’ updates include…

  • Updates of 750+ Pathfinder 2e game elements. These updates include everything from granting bonuses in the right areas to our system providing notes to various areas of your character sheet so you remember that you have a bonus to saving throws against death effects. Many of these updates have been highlighted by the community - thank you!
  • Spellcasting, Spell Preparation, & Spell Resource Management. We’ve been working hard on spellcasting since returning from our holiday break and we’re pleased to say things are progressing well. An early view of the initial Spellcasting layout is below and progress is being made on a daily basis. We can’t wait for you to have it in your hands!

*Note: This update contains a major system change that may influence older characters (see "Errata Update: Ancestry Ability Boost Options below).

  • Archetype Feats are now available in the Character Builder. We have added archetype feats to the Character Builder as a first step deeper into Pathfinder 2e’s Archetype system. There is a longer road ahead with Archetypes and this is the next step!
  • Errata Update: Ancestry Ability Boost Options. We have implemented the new Ancestry Ability Boost process as defined by Paizo’s latest Errata. We are eager to collect your feedback on this update, which the Paizo team defines as an “optional - not variant” rule. Two important callouts on this update:
  • First, selecting a boost option on top of a previously built character will artificially increase the number of ability boosts available to pre-errata characters. To avoid the ire of your Game Master, we are happy to share with you that you can avoid falling into this trap by ignoring the additional choice needed to be made in the Ancestry section of the builder.
  • Second, we are aware of a bug associated with sibling choices not being removed when one of the siblings is changed. In this case, we are aware that changing your Ancestry Boost Option does not remove the boosts you may have selected using your past option. This is not intended and will be resolved in a later fix.
  • Resolved issues impacting the selection of a Barbarian’s Instinct. Previously, some instincts were crashing the builder based on prior Character choices.
  • Added Range to Ranged Weapon drawer information. Viewing a ranged weapon’s details in the Character Sheet will now accurately display that item’s range increment.
  • Updated feat sorting order. We’ve updated our feat sorting order and are interested in your thoughts. There are many, many feats in the game and we want to ensure we are balancing the desire to explore character options with speed to selection.

January 12, 2023

Hello everyone!

Another build for the Closed Alpha was released earlier today. Here are the update notes:

  • Resolved an issue where the number of open choices in the class section momentarily displayed the maximum number of potential choices for that class.
  • Resolved an issue regarding drawer navigation. Previously, navigating “back” in a drawer could break the drawer for future uses. This should no longer be the case.
  • Resolved an issue where characters that user’s marked as inactive would not stay inactive - just like that one NPC your Game Master keeps bringing back.
  • All actions now appear when a feat grants multiple actions.

We’ll keep chugging along. As always, thanks for the help kicking the tires!

January 10, 2023

Prior to our holiday break, we released a wave of Performance Enhancements implemented into our Pathfinder 2e Character Builder and Sheet. Now that we’re back in the office, we are release another wave of features and enhancements that we worked on throughout the break!

Major Updates
  • Our major update for this week involves bringing additional information closer to the player through our use of drawers across the Character Sheet. Users should now be able to click on nearly any available Game Element and see a wide variety of information - ranging from specific information detailing the specifics of an item, class feature, or ability score to more broadly applicable rules that articulate how different forms of light impact Perception.
  • This update involved work in nearly every aspect of the Character Sheet, so please let us know if things don’t look quite right now that it is live.
Additional Enhancements & Updates
  • You can search for both Skills and Skill Actions while in the Skill Panels.
  • Toggling the Action & Activity display settings to “Off” now turns off the respective Action or Activity.
  • Due to popular demand: updated click areas for Skills and the Action & Activities rows – clicking on the row now expands and collapses a row.
  • Clicking the name of the button will open the drawer.
  • Introduced the second wave of our Experience Point tracker. Select “Manage XP” to display how far your character is to global domination (or level 2, whichever comes first).
  • Introduced the first version of the “Armor Class” drawer.
  • We are aware of a display-related bug that is impacting AC calculation and are working on a resolution.
  • Updated Rules & Compendium information in the Perception drawer.
  • Updated Rules & Compendium information in the Ability Score drawers.

December 24, 2022

Hello everyone!

Seeing the increased amount of feedback has been exciting - we appreciate your participation in the alpha. Today’s release includes many updates and enhancements regarding the application of bonuses and penalties to characters across the Character Sheet. We’ve been working on our “bonus infrastructure” and are glad to see things shaping up so well.

  • Added over 500 different bonuses and penalties into the Character Sheet. For example, wearing the Hat of the Magi - which grants +1 to Arcana checks - now delivers that bonus onto the sheet.
  • Known Bugs: Two bugs are impacting equipping and unequipping armor. Equipping armor displays an inflated AC on the sheet (the correct AC displays in the drawer) and does not display a speed penalty until refreshed. Additionally, unequipping armor with a speed penalty does not remove the speed penalty until you refresh the character sheet.
  • Added 120+ notes to various items, feats, features, and spells (coming soon!). These notes are added to your character’s sheet as the character progresses or equips items.
  • Damage types now contain fancy little icons. Bonus internet points to the character who collects them all!
  • As characters advance, Pathfinder 2e becomes a game of big bonuses. To understand what character choices are influencing your bonuses, we have incorporated a bonus build-up list in popular areas of the character sheet. Below are the areas you can find the new bonus build-up lists:
  • Armor Class drawer
  • Saving Throws drawer
  • Perception drawer
  • Hit Points Drawer
  • Skill & Skill Action drawers
  • We were overzealous in applying a three boost / one flaw Ancestry Ability Boost option. We have removed this Ancestry Ability Boost option.
  • Note: If you have a character with the no-longer-present three boost / one flaw option selected, your character will break if you choose one of the remaining Ancestry Ability Boost options.
  • Another Note: We are receiving reports of Characters receiving +6 to ability scores when selecting an Ancestry Ability Boost option. We are having a difficult time replicating this issue - any outside assistance in reproducing this will be of great help!
  • Certain Actions, Feats, and Character Options were duplicated in the Character Builder and Sheet. We have resolved many of these issues. If you run into any others, please let us know!

December 22, 2022

Happy Holidays, everyone! Your participation and feedback in the Closed Alpha so far has been energizing to our team, so it is with this energy that we are pleased to share our last update of 2022. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in full force with much more to come in the new year!

Prior to diving into the specific updates and enhancements of this release, we should highlight it includes the first round of major performance enhancements. These performance improvements specifically revolve around response to selections throughout the builder and sheet. Examples of areas where you should see noticeable improvement includes things like choosing which abilities to boost or adding items to your character sheet. There are a few known issues that are a result of this update, and we’ve called those out below. Areas of specific feedback we are looking for with this first pass of performance enhancement include feats, features, skills, etc. that drive additional choices and are not being displayed in the builder. Examples of this include the Assurance feat, the Multilingual feat, and things like selecting customer lore skills.

And with that, you can find the update notes below. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and see you on the flip side!

Major Updates
  • App Performance: Wave One - Response to Selection – This first wave of performance enhancements specifically revolves around response to selections throughout the builder and sheet. This first wave touched many portions of the builder and sheet.
  • Character Sheet Drawers: Contextual Information – Users should now see information about every skill, skill action, feat, feature, item, and action when they open a drawer. This information includes details on the specific game element itself, as well as contextual Pathfinder 2e rules that help players and game masters make decisions about how to best use that game element. We believe having the right information in the right place helps learn new games (or remember forgotten tricks!). We’re interested in your feedback here.
Additional Fixes and Enhancements
  • Issues with Skill Training & Skill Proficiency labels were resolved. There are a few issues still needing to be ironed out, but please continue to highlight anything you may run into.
  • Identified and began resolving issues tied to class feature choices that lead to additional choices, like the Animal Instinct Barbarian and Draconic Sorcerer. We will continue to update these as they come in.
  • Resolved user reported issues with Hunter’s Edge and Wild Druid Order causing app crashes. Rangers and Druids get along much better now.
  • Barbarian Class has received an overhaul. You should now see feats, class options, skill training options, etc. appearing throughout the class.
  • Natural Ambition should now provide guidance on selecting a class feat when a class isn’t selected.
  • Resolved an issue where Dice Rolls from your other characters were appearing in your current character’s dice roll backlog.
  • Added a note that indicates what type of dice roll was made - skill roll, attack roll, damage roll, ability check, etc. - in the roller window.

It’s hard to believe we’re only two weeks in on the Closed Alpha. Thanks so much for the help - Pathfinder fans are the reason we do all of this and you are greatly appreciated. Please accept our entire team’s warmest holiday wishes heading into the new year!

December 20, 2022

Thanks once again to everyone for the great early feedback. Today’s release continues our efforts of getting the right information to users when they need it and where they need it! Additionally, we’ve been able to jump on several fixes originally identified by our alpha testers.

We will have one more release this week before taking a two week break. Notes on what has been included in this release below:

Major Updates
  • Added full compendium support for Skill, Skill Actions, and Item Drawers. Our intent with this support is to deliver relevant rules and game mechanics that help plan your next attack or determine how best to spend your next down time.
  • More compendium and rules support will follow as we progress through the alpha. Additional areas of focus include ability scores, armor class, actions (beyond skill actions), spells, feats, and class features.
  • We made the decision to push the compendium support today in a somewhat unpolished state, so the look and feel you’re seeing the drawer is close but not exactly what you’ll be seeing once things are styled in a later pass.
  • All items from enabled content are now available to be added to your Character Sheet. Previously, we limited item additions to only include items that leaned on features we wanted to stress test in alpha. Three cheers for bedrolls, chalk, and pocket stages! They’re back on the menu!
  • We are releasing the first pass of our Conditions drawer onto the Character Sheet. This drawer is intended to act as both a reference and tracker for Conditions impacting your character. We are eager for your feedback!
  • We are working through some display issues with the Persistent Damage condition and will get it updated by Thursday’s release.
  • Resolved an issue that was keeping Feats from appearing in the builder when users would navigate away and return. This also resolved a similar issue where feats were not loading past the first page of available feats.
  • We are continuing to hunt down an issue where some feats repeat on the last page.
  • Floating drawers that appear for widescreen support (1600px + resolution) will now scroll along with the rest of the character sheet.
Additional Enhancements
  • The dropdown menu that appears in each equipment row now allows users to both view items in their character’s inventory and remove them.
  • Resolved an issue with the Human Ancestry’s “Natural Ambition” feat not displaying feat options after a class had been selected.
  • Similarly, fixed a crash that occurred when selecting a feat leveraging the Human Ancestry’s Versatile Heritage.
  • Character Hit Points no longer reset to max each time the character sheet is opened.
  • Fixed an issue impacting Hold-Scarred Orcs from earning their hard-fought 12 hit points. You didn’t get all those tattoos for nothing!
  • Resolved an issue causing the Champion’s Level 3 Divine Allies selection to crash the character builder.
  • Resolved an issue where an empty search result caused continued issues after clearing the search.
  • Resolved an issue where a user was able to choose a record-setting seven ancestry feats (!!) in a single level.
  • The “Shield Block” action was not flowing through to the Actions & Activities panel. This has been resolved.
  • Magic Item Details now appear in their respective item drawers (last week’s release supported non-magical items).

December 15, 2022

Hello everyone!

Another build was released today for the character tools Close Alpha. Here are the update notes:

Major Updates
  • We have resolved the issues keeping users from changing their Ancestry, Background, or Class
  • We have resolved issues with Character Progression:
  • Gaining a level from XP no longer grants 2 levels
  • Users can add/remove character levels on the sheet and make updates in the builder.
  • We have started to populate item drawers with relevant information. You should see key information for basic weapons, armor, and shields populating when the items are in your character’s inventory.
  • We will be following up with Magic and more advanced items, as well as adding compendium information for all items
  • The Damage Drop-down menu is now fully interactable, which means characters now roll the correct alternative and critical damage
Additional Enhancements & Fixes
  • Updated Character Sheet drawer styling
  • Activated bottom buttons in Equipment section - the Add Container drawer will be activated at a later date.
  • Attempting to remove a level from your character now summons a modal making sure you really, really want that to happen
  • Second & Third attacks are now correctly rolling, including benefits from Agile weapons.
  • Only one armor can now be equipped at a time (Additional Armor updates coming)
  • A Character’s CURRENT HP field should now match Max HP at Character Creation. Previously, it would default to 0.
  • Removed many, many instances where [1] and undefined damage types appeared in the Actions & Activities drawer.

We expect at least one more build next week before we head into our team’s holiday break. Again, we encourage continued feedback throughout the end of the year as we’ll be tracking and parsing it all.


December 13, 2022

Hello everyone!

We had a new build go out earlier today. Here are the notes:

  • Added very basic Character Details drawer, allowing users to navigate back to the builder from a character sheet. Accessible by clicking on your Character’s portrait in the Character sheet.
  • Tooltips within drawers are now working
  • All Actions should now extend the full width of the drawer
  • Pressing BEGIN only requires one click to advance to the Ancestry screen
  • Performed a styling and readability pass on compendium and rule information in character sheet drawers.
  • Minor updates to the Armor Class drawer. Work continues.
  • Character choices in the Builder now display tooltips
  • Update to the Add Item drawer focused on ensuring items were are added consistently to the character sheet. More to come with Equipment.
  • Base Item information is now flowing into item details drawers. Work continues on Magic Items.

We expect another release Thursday, which will include a couple of the more crucial break fixes that will give the builder more stability to complete the creation process. Our goal is to get as much stability in place ahead of our holiday break as we can to allow tire-kicking over those couple of weeks to be as unimpeded as possible.

More Thursday, thanks again for participating in the Closed Alpha!

December 9, 2022

Hello everyone!

We really appreciate everyone that has jumped into the choppy waters of the alpha so far. I’ll keep saying it - we can’t make these tools all we want them to be without your feedback and support.

We have a new release that just went live. We will have many of these in the next several weeks. The patch notes for today are:

Update Notes 12/9/2022

  • Resolved an issue where Heritages were not displaying for selection in the Character Builder.
  • Heritages now sort based on the specific ancestry first, followed by Versatile Heritages. We will likely make this distinction clearer in a future update as well.
  • Resolved issue where certain Heritages’ resistances were not carried through to the Character Sheet correctly.
  • Clicking on options in the center column will no longer duplicate choices in the right column display.
  • Demiplane Members should not be prompted to delete characters after they have 7 or more.
  • Forwarded demiplane.com/characters to the My Characters page
  • Character Delete Confirmation correctly checks against character name
  • Added Class to container in Element Display section

I’ll share a few more reflections from our first day of the alpha:

Wait, I Thought That Was Working…

After we got all the code deployed into our production environment where all our alpha testers could access it for the first time (a massive effort that took a few days), there were some circumstances where things that were working in our development environments were not working properly in the Closed Alpha.

This would include things like:

  • Center Row selections are duplicating right display
  • Cannot Reverse Class Feature selections after they are made
  • ‘Change Background’ missing from Background Options section
  • Cannot Change Ancestry/Background/Classes
  • Changing A/B/C while selections were previously made in A/B/C is causing major issues
  • No Details for Game Elements available on Sheet
  • Leveling Up grants two levels instead of one
  • Leveling Up on Sheet does not pass benefits of new level to Builder
  • No way to return to builder from Sheet

We’ll be focused on fixes for the list above in the next few days, as for the most part, those are things that already work in one of our environments but we need to get them properly set up and configured in the live environment. We’ll share updates as we have them on this list.

Yeah, We Know That’s Not Ready Yet…But We’re on It

We are (very) aware that the tools are not performant enough right now. Part of most development is “get it working, and then get it working right.” We’re still in the get it working part, so the getting it to work right will come in the near future. You’ll magically start to see those load times melt away until things are right where we need them to be. Feel free to save yourself the time to post if it involves things being slow right now. Once we are at a place where we feel like performance is in the right place, we’ll put out a call for feedback to confirm it is indeed there.

Additionally, we’re seeing posts along the lines of “I can’t select a deity for my cleric or champion” or “I can’t select a familiar or companion,” or “Option [X] is not available for me to select.”

Feel free to share those posts, but I will say again here that we both 1) are fully aware that options are missing throughout and 2) have adding all those options on our list. So, if you want to hold off on sharing any feedback along those lines for now, you can rest assured that we’re tracking it already. We will reach a point in the alpha phase where we will explicitly share “We believe we have all the options in there - let us know if we’re missing anything,” but we’re not there yet.

Noted - We’ll Review Alongside All the Feedback

We’re seeing feedback along the lines of “Button [X] should be centered instead of left-aligned” or “the spacing in this area and font sizes should be larger.” While I’ll reiterate that we have not done a styling polish pass as of yet (and much will tighten up in the next few weeks), I will confirm this type of feedback is still useful at this phase - so keep it coming.

I’ll also share that this kind of feedback is naturally subjective and often based on preferences. That doesn’t make it any less important to us, but I want to emphasize that we will be reviewing all of this feedback comprehensively across all our feedback inputs to make sure if and when we make changes that the outcome is the best for as many fans as possible. So don’t get too mad at us if we don’t change “the thing” you posted about that we should change.

Know that we are taking it all into consideration and are committed to making the moves that make the tools the best they can be!

Smells Like Potential

Lastly for today, I mention in our “welcome screen” that the type of feedback we care about most here in the first couple of weeks is related to overall impressions and general direction.

We are really pleased to see the initial response with impressions and overall “feel” feedback. It’s energizing for our team to hear the feedback that even though this is super-early and definitely not polished or finished yet, there is excitement over the potential for how it can end up once it is finished.

Getting this early impression feedback allows us to validate our approach in order to crank things into high gear to complete development on the character tools in the coming weeks. It’s tough to do that before when we’re wondering “Is anyone going to actually like using this?” We’ve got what we need now to forge ahead.

Thanks again for all the engagement and participation. Keep the feedback coming. Even if we don’t reply individually to everything you post, please know that we are tracking, reviewing, and considering it all as we move forward to get ready for the Open Beta.

Have a good weekend!

December 8, 2022

The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Closed Alpha is Live. Read more in our Forums.

Game Content Available in Character Toolset

We intend to convert rulebooks first, followed by the Lost Omens line, and then move into Adventures (Standalone, Paths, and Organized Play Scenarios).

Currently Available

  • Pathfinder 2E Primer (No Cost)
  • Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook
  • Pathfinder 2E Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Pathfinder 2E Gamemastery Guide
Game Mechanics: State & Status

Our focus for Alpha is to ensure we have enough Game Content and Mechanics available for users to have fun in building and playing their characters, while also being able to provide feedback early about character creation and gameplay. Below is a broad snapshot of where we are regarding the many exciting Pathfinder 2e Game Mechanics!

  • Ancestries & Backgrounds: Ancestry and Background fundamentals are near complete. Support for particular unique or special Ancestry or Background abilities are not yet implemented. Examples include the Kobold’s “Draconic Exemplar” and the Scholar’s option of skills which then grant Assurance in that skill.
  • Classes: Classes from active sources are all available for selection. Several classes will have limited engagement due to core capabilities not yet being implemented. Examples include spellcasters (we’ll be adding alpha spellcasting capabilities next week) and classes with a heavy companion or familiar involvement (such as the Witch or Summoner).
  • Skills: All but one set of Skills and Skill Actions are in and available for training and gameplay. The Lore skill is the most dynamic skill when it comes to Character Management - we are spending more time on that skill specifically to ensure we get it right.
  • Feats: Feats from the above sources are available for selection. We will be spending time and attention on ensuring feats that grant additional Character choices (“Adopted Ancestry”, for example) are up to snuff over the next few weeks. Currently, those feats are selectable but do not necessarily grant their benefits as written.
  • Saving Throws, Hit Points, Resistances, and More: Saving Throws are in and ready to roll. The alpha version of our Hit Point tracking is ready to use with a few quality-of-life updates still needing to be made. The fundamentals are Resistances, Immunities, and Weaknesses are in.
  • Conditions: We have more work to do for Conditions, which should currently be considered a placeholder.
  • Equipment: Rudimentary Equipment Management is active and in. Players can equip weapons, armor, and items from throughout Golarion! We have many plans to build upon the equipment experience following collecting alpha feedback. Tell us what you think!
  • Note - there is a known issue where freshly equipped armor is not taking effect unless the sheet is refreshed.
  • Spells: Spells are not in today, but will be coming in a rudimentary way next week. Similar to equipment, we have many plans to build upon for Spells and are eager to collect feedback on the core structure and flow.
  • Formulas: Support for Formulas is not currently supported as of today’s launch, but will prior to Open Beta.
  • Crafting & Treasure: We have taken many passes to ensure that magic items are working. We are certain there are some that are not working as planned and will be actively working through the many magical items that make your character unique! Investing is not yet wired up, but support is en route.
  • Variant Rule Support: Variant Rule Support will absolutely be supported following the the collection of valuable pre-launch feedback.
  • Pathfinder Society Support: We are eager to support the many adventures of Pathfinder Society members. If you foresee pain points based on your initial passthrough of the alpha, please let us know. PFS support will be built upon the foundation of the Character Sheet and Builder.
  • Rarities & Traits: We are working to surface rarities and traits better.
  • Companions & Familiars: Companion and familiar support is planned prior to our Open Beta, so keep an eye out for updates.
Platform Capabilities

There is already so much to absorb, so we’ll come back and highlight some of the up-and-coming platform capabilities next week and beyond. Until then, here are a few of the team’s favorite things Demiplane is bringing to the table:

  • Flexible Builder Flow: Whether you pick your Ancestry first or last, Demiplane’s character builder highlights where your next choice awaits.
  • Contextual Insights: Can’t remember how Darkvision works? What does it mean to have a climb speed? We have already started building contextual information about Pathfinder throughout the Demiplane character sheet.
  • We will be regularly passing descriptions for items, feats, class features, spells, and more into drawers as the week continues.
  • Multiple Damage & Attack Options: While still in its early stages, we’re starting with support of multiple attacks and damage types for weapons at the start.
  • User and System Notes: Does your feat grant you a +2 circumstance bonus to having a great day, but only on Wednesday morning? We’ve got you covered. Demiplane leaves helpful notes in key areas based on the choices your character makes. Have something special that you want to remember for next time? Users can leave their own notes so they never forget their high-fantasy garage door code.
  • Homebrew: We would be amiss to not mention our Homebrew plans, which will be implemented following this initial pass of feedback gathering. Users will be able to modify their characters, items, spells, and more within the Demiplane sheet, as well as create entirely new game elements through our upcoming Homebrew system.
All the Gratitude

Congratulations if you read all the way to the end here! We are truly excited to get things started with NEXUS Character Tools, and we could not get where we need to be without all the Pathfinder fans out there providing your feedback and support.

Thanks so much for your participation in the Closed Alpha - upward and onward!

April 12, 2022

  • Added quick-access footer links to popular locations within each Nexus.
  • Added a 'My Sources' tab to the Source page to make it easier for folks to access unlocked sources.
  • Pathfinder Nexus listings (Creatures, Items, Spells) are available to all.
  • Implemented loading indicator feedback on all app screens.
  • Updated design of source cards due to popular demand. This one is definitely better.
  • You can now delete entire search terms from the listing search field.
  • Updated cart flow - the cart should no longer in the way of adding multiple items to from the source page.
  • Many more QOL and back-end fixes to facilitate the onboarding of future Nexus partners!

February 28, 2022

  • Updated the "Game Rules" section of the Pathfinder Nexus navigation bar to include quick access to Classes, Ancestries, and Heritages.
  • Launched Nexus Libraries - an at-a-glance method of learning more about Pathfinder 2e's Classes, Ancestries, Heritages, and Archetypes!
  • Launched Nexus Primers - a single source dedicated to Pathfinder 2e classes, ancestries, heritages, and archetypes. Each primer also contains Class-specific feats and spells.
  • Made Pathfinder 2e game element details available to all viewers.
  • Updated Pathfinder Society legality labels across Pathfinder Nexus.
  • Increased loading speed of Nexus menus.
  • Increased performance of image loading in Demiplane Reader.
  • Resolved issue causing a minor UI shift when activating voice or video chat.
  • Cleaned up a mouse- and hover-over rendering issues in the side navigation that caused issues with chapters and sections near the bottom of the side navigation.
  • Thumbnails should no longer by fuzzy on high resolution screens.
  • Checkout should now perform more smoothly when using pre-filled information.
  • Filtering 'Level -1' Pathfinder 2e creatures now works correctly - your players will never know what hit them. Literally.
  • Updated Pathfinder Nexus Feats listing filters.
  • Resolved issue causing Pathfinder Nexus' source page to shift to the right.

January 31, 2022

  • Pathfinder Game Element tables have been released, including Backgrounds, Creatures, Feats, Items, and Spells.
  • Added a new menu in the Pathfinder Nexus secondary navigation ("Game Rules"), which houses the above-mentioned features.
  • Add navigation on detail pages that guides users back to the relevant listing.  
  • Major rework of reader features, including new tooltip and reader features for widescreen users and an updated in-reader navigation.
  • Resolved issue where users were being notified of happenings

January 5, 2022

  • Major update to search algorithms and introduced Pathfinder game elements to search.
  • Supporting information added to relevant tooltips (creature families, weapon and armor traits and specialization effects, etc).
  • Completed a pass on the logistics of passing images through the app.
  • Upgraded tooltip experience for site visitors who are not logged in.
  • Resolved issue where on-screen reader content was loading off-center.

December 1, 2021

  • Major upload of Pathfinder 2e game element tooltips (spells, feats, skills, backgrounds, and creatures all updated).
  • Tooltips are indicated by a dotted (......) underline. Clicking on these will open a sidebar drawer with full details on the relevant game element.

November 23, 2021

  • Foundations for game element tooltips, drawers, and detail pages implemented. We will be adding Pathfinder 2e game elements throughout the remainder of the early access period (and beyond).
  • Implemented new full-screen side navigation for our Source Reader.
  • Fixed a bug that inhibited the validation of international postal codes.
  • General quality-of-life improvements to our cart and checkout flows.
  • Forum feature updates.

November 9, 2021

  • Began optimizations of images across Demiplane's new Reader feature (accessible from top nav, and your Adventure Tools while in Video Chat).
  • Kicked off our latest round of optimizations of Pathfinder Nexus search
  • Fixed a bug causing repeated requests to turn on notifications (sorry about that!)
  • Update styling of various pages across the Nexus
  • Fixed a bug where the search toolbar was not available in certain areas of Demiplane.

November 2, 2021

Quality of Life improvements across the Platform

  • Widescreen Monitor Support: Adjusted the maximum width of the Demiplane Navigation top and bottom navigation menus, Nexus home screen, and Matchmaking home screen for easier viewing on wide screens.
  • Paizo Connect now correctly updates Pathfinder Nexus prices if you own 'Special Edition' copies of content. Please be certain to click "Refresh Account" in the 'Sync Account' menu drawer (located under 'Account Settings').
  • Cleaned up multiple visual issues in the Demiplane Reader - sources no longer overlap 'My Library' on iPhones, the white bar appearing on the bottom of the mobile reader no longer appears, and more.

October 26, 2021

BIG Release! Pathfinder Nexus Announcement (!!) alongside Platform-wide enhancements.

  • We are thrilled to announce Demiplane has partnered with Paizo to create Pathfinder Nexus - the official digital toolset for Pathfinder 2e! Check out the launch trailer here.
  • Integrated access to your Demiplane's across the application - you're now two clicks away from Adventure where ever you find yourself in Demiplane!
  • Launched Demiplane's Forums, which can be found here.
  • Launched "My Library" - the place for quick access to your favorite Nexus sources - and integrated the Library directly into Demiplane's Voice and Video chat.

September 9, 2021

Updates to Adventure Portals, Desktop Navigation, and Mobile Navigation

  • Removed bottom navigation menu for mobile and similar-sized screens
  • Redesigned top-navigation for mobile and desktop views
  • Users are now able to view and open their Adventure Portals from anywhere within Demiplane (without needing to go back to the Demiplane homepage).
  • Adventure Portal Governance has been reworked to accommodate players who accidentally leave an Adventure Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where voice and video buttons were appearing for users who had left a session.

August 25, 2021

Adventure Portal Updates

  • New Game Systems added.
  • "Pending Party" changed to "Lobby"
  • "Lobby" users are now ordered by the newest to oldest connection, with newest connection on top.
  • Various styling updates.
  • Fixed an issue with Adventure Portal descriptions reseting every 60 seconds.
  • Fixed a rare issue where auto-join would not allow matches with 0% match to join.
  • Cleaned up automated email address verification flow.
  • Various other fixes and updates.

July 27, 2021

Backend Updates

Released several backend updates.

July 16, 2021

Tweaks & Minor Updates

  • Released a series of tweaks and 'in the works' updates that should increase the overall responsiveness of the app.

July 7, 2021

Video Chat, Adventure Portal, and Scheduling Enhancements

  • Enabled "drag-and-drop" sharing of images into an Adventure Portal's chat windows.
  • New-created Adventure Portals are now equipped with a Game Master Journal by default.
  • Video chat quality remains consistent when entering and leaving Whispers between a Game Master and Player.
  • Chat notifications include the source user's avatar so you can better see who is too busy sending you multiple messages instead of taking their turn in combat.  
  • Users who have joined an Active Adventure are now sorted to the top of the "My Party" list.
  • Fixed an issue where some episodes were not launching correctly after being scheduled multiple times.

June 24, 2021

Adventure Portal Enhancements & Updates

  • Added real-time filtering to the Search screen.
  • When using full-screen mode, users who are part of the active adventure move to the top.
  • Chat notifications will now pop when a user requests to join an Adventure Portal or a Game Master invites a connected user.
  • Text entry fields now expand along with long blocks of text.
  • Newline / "Return" characters now display correctly in the Adventure Details drawer and the Portal Details area. Line breaks across the world are celebrating!
  • Fixed an issue that displayed users as being marked "online" when they were not.
  • Fixed an issue where the "End Episode" button would get stuck if you decided against ending the episode after selecting it.
  • In-app icons should now fit better on smaller desktop screens
  • Tweaked a few things regarding share links that impacted performance when inviting users to Adventure Portals with a large number of players.
  • Grey text in the 'My Party' card now changes to white when in the hover over state.

June 8, 2021

Full-screen Video, Adventure Portal Updates, & More

  • Added a Full-Screen video option, including a quick access toolbar to help keep track of messages and chat.
  • Added new Hover-over functionality that highlights how you can interact with party members in your Adventure Portal. In mobile, this functionality is accomplished by pressing on the party member's name.
  • Moved the "Launch Adventure" and "End Adventure" buttons to the top navigation of each Adventure Portal. This adds more space for interacting with your party.
  • By popular request, launching voice or video chat now removes the application's top navigation until you disconnect from chat. Same as before, select "Disconnect" to leave voice or video chat.
  • Your character name is now displayed in Adventure Portal chat logs (instead of your Demiplane username).
  • Added your Adventurer's profile picture to be displayed while using audio-only mode.
  • Added a search bar to the beta dice roller to quickly find your favorited or saved rolls (looking at you, sneak attack).
  • Cleaned up linking issues throughout the app.
  • Scheduling your next adventure mid-session no longer ends the episode.
  • Clicking the "Mark as Read" button in notifications no longer refreshes the screen or closes your Adventure Portal.

May 20, 2021

New "My Bookmarks" Features & Updates

  • You can now save bookmarks to your favorite web apps, documents, class guides, and more from within Demiplane! In addition to this new feature, we have also redesigned the "Adventure Tools" drawer for easier navigation.
  • Users can now copy the link to their public profile directly from their in-app profile.
  • Visitors to your profile can now select your social media accounts to view them.
  • Added scroll arrows back into the "My Adventures" section (sorry about that!)
  • The Adventure Portal header was getting cramped in smaller windows. We've updated the spacing so that no longer happens.
  • The "Raise Hand / X Card" button now only appears for users in your Adventure Portal who have joined the active episode.
  • Added a placeholder for users who have no recommendations for their public profile but wish to display that they have no recommendations on their public profile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Your profile will now auto-hide the "How I Play" card on a public profile when there is nothing to display.
  • Listing buttons in the markdown editor were causing weird line breaks - we've disabled them for now.

May 11, 2021

Major Profile Updates & New Features

  • Added ability for users to display social media accounts to their Demiplane profile.
  • Added the ability for non-Demiplane users to review Demiplane user accounts and learn more about the Adventure they are interested in. Non-Demiplane users will still need to create an account to request to join an adventure.
  • Added opt-in Public Profile pages where interested users can display Adventures seeking players.
  • Updated the "About Me" section in a profile to include markdown formatting.
  • Created Public/Private toggles for each section of a user's profile, allowing user control over what is displayed.
  • Implemented the ability for a user to select and display their pronouns
  • Introduced Game Master Recruiting settings, which allows users to set criteria in which they are interested in being recruited for players with groups of 3 or more.
  • Introduced the ability for users to list their favorite games and favorite digital gaming platforms (virtual tabletops).
  • Introduced the "How I Play" cards, which allows users to define further how they play
  • Introduced a method for selecting a user's "Highlight Adventure" on their public profile, in addition to the ability to sort the order of the Adventures a user has available for matchmaking.
  • Introduced a Recommendation system and the ability to manage these recommendations at the user level.
  • Journals can now be titled by the Game Master (and titles are updated across the party)

Updates / Fixes

  • Optimized the Player and Game Master recruitment engine
  • Mobile - optimized journal for a greater degree of mobile usability.
  • Optimized navigation via URLs to help share access to Adventure Portals
  • Added the ability for non-Demiplane users to review Demiplane user accounts and learn more about the Adventure they are interested in. Non-Demiplane users will still need to create an account to request to join an adventure.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not be removed once they set a profile picture.
  • Removed double scroll bars from appear on mobile devices
  • Added GM avatar to the post-adventure ratings flow.
  • Fixed a bug with rescheduling sessions on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused adventures from not being able to be ended when previously canceled

March 31, 2021

New Features

  • Fight the horde of noise monsters by utilizing our 'Push to Talk' (PTT) feature, now live across all Adventure Portals. Press and hold Spacebar to activate PTT when you're focused on your video screen.
  • Released the first in a series of Profile-related updates by moving Account Settings and Payment Details into an improved user interface. You can now access this information without interrupting whatever monster-slaying you're currently involved with.

Updates / Fixes

  • Corrected a mobile issue that appeared when filtering based on Availability.
  • Recombobulated Notifications - event timestamps have been fixed; marking all notifications as read will now also clear notifications on Adventure Portal tokens (as intended); updated chat notifications.
  • Tweaked Journal searching to account for a few cases where searching journals would not result in the journal appearing.

March 17, 2021

New Features

  • Are you the rogue getting pushed to the front of the party while everyone follows 30 feet behind? Do you mumble "I check for traps" in your sleep and wake up in a cold sweat? We can't help with your night terrors, but you can now save your favorite dice rolls right from chat by typing: /save investigation: 1d20+11 or /save {name}: {roll command}  
  • Users can now Roll Advantage or disadvantage from chat by adding “-a” or “-d” after the roll.
  • This works across all roll commands (/f {name} -a (or /fav, /fgm, /favgm, /r, /roll, /rgm, or /rollgm)
  • Added button in Portal Settings -> Theme Scores to "Set to my Theme Scores"

Updates / Fixes

  • Skeletons on home page and removal of spinner loader
  • Fixed URL navigation issues that were keeping users from joining very recently created adventures.
  • Tightened up styling across the app (tokens and messaging, primarily)
  • Resolved an issue with Legacy Journals and provided a minor enhancement to journal formatting abilities.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some users being unable to update their address
  • Cleaned up "next session" scheduling area
  • Cleaned up mobile interactions with Adventure Tools
  • Share links will now navigate potential party members directly to a private chat with the GM.
  • Entering a whisper maintains the audio/video status you were in previously (instead of automatically activating video).
  • Fixed a bug that kept users from starting video in paid adventure portals while also having expired credit card info

March 2, 2021

New Features

  • Secret rolls to the Game Master
  • Watch your Party’s scribe taking notes in real-time with our updated Journal capabilities.


  • High octane performance boost that delivers major speed and responsiveness improvements.

February 9, 2021

New Features

  • Implemented Game Master screen sharing! As a GM, you can now easily share visuals with other members of your Adventure Portal, from maps to resource material and everything in-between!
  • Screen Sharing is now active across all Adventure Portals. To take advantage of this new feature, find the button in the lower-left portion of your Video or Audio chat screen
  • Who let the GIFs out? We did - and now you can, too! Select the "GIF" icon in your chat bar to unleash GIFs of your choosing upon your unsuspecting party members.
  • Added in the ability to Invite your friends while creating a new portal, instead of having to wait to do so afterwards.
  • Profile Avatars: You can now upload profile and character avatars within Demiplane! Update your character's avatar within a Portal's settings menu - each of your Portals can hold a unique image! Update your broader profile by selecting your current avatar in the top-right corner of the screen and then select the edit icon over your username (it looks like a pencil).
  • New Dice Commands: Live dangerously and roll dice directly from chat! Type'/r' before a dice command (/r 1d4) or '/f' before the name of a favorite roll (/f longsword) to use these commands. Check out our handy dice rolling guide to learn more.

Updates / Fixes

  • Users should no longer lose video connection when resizing their window too small.
  • Overall cleanup of the account creation flow.
  • A series of styling updates across the app to accommodate the wide-range of resolutions and screen dimensions.

January 19, 2021

New Features

  • Whisper: Whisper allows you to quickly pull aside one of your players into a private video chat where you can share secrets that only they would know! More than one successful Perception roll? Whisper also allows you to invite others to this secret portal. This new feature is enabled whenever a Game Master launches an Adventure and uses Demiplane's video or voice chat.
  • We've introduced our beta Dice Roller into Adventure Portals with this release. You can use the visual roller, or you can leverage the Command Prompt to enter specific commands. This marks the first step of this feature. Our Dice Command guide can be found here.
  • Voice & Video Indicators - see who is chatting in your Demiplane before you activate voice or video.
  • "Mark all as read" in the notifications drawer

Updates / Fixes

  • Notifications are now correctly marked as read. Sorry about that, folks.
  • Fixed several display issues related to displaying the number of Adventurers in an Adventure Portal.
  • Restored the ability for both Players and Game Masters to reorder Tasks.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered modals from appearing multiple times when creating a new Portal.
  • Fixed an issue in Journals that interrupted the saving process.
  • Added Game Systems to the list of possible systems.

January 5, 2021

  • Notifications: Updated notification toggles in profile.
  • Adventure Feedback & Ending Adventures: Added an email for Game Masters seeking to rate players following an Adventure. Minor tweaks to the in-app rating flow.
  • Matchmaking: Enabled the Portal settings button for pending users. Fixed an issue caused by a GM accidentally enabling matchmaking multiple times. Added the paid game banner in the mobile header of paid games. Additional minor tweaks.
  • Adventure Portal: Added scroll bar to party settings. Corrected the count of Pending Users. Additional minor tweaks to the Adventure Portal.
  • Backend: Several scheduled updates following the release of the Adventure Portal on 12/21.

December 24, 2020

  • We've pushed an update to Demiplane focused on incorporating early feedback and some clean-up following Monday's successful release. You will receive these features after pressing the "Reload" button that appears in the Demiplane app once you log in.

New Features & Tweaks

  • Added links to the Demiplane Support Center in the top navigation of the application and the login screen.
  • Players can now access Adventure Portal video at any time, with two exceptions: when waiting to confirm and join a paid episode or if they leave a paid Adventure before the session is over.
  • Character Limit removed from GM bio. Bring in your favorite reviews or song lyrics - whichever you prefer.


  • "Chat with GM" button no longer falls off the bottom of the Adventure drawer.
  • Styling of Portal nav bar for users that have left a paid episode.
  • Price in the Ad Details drawer no longer displays Price as the number of pennies.
  • Updated alert messaging related to using Invite links and joining new Adventure Portals.
  • Fixed a Mobile chat notification routing issue that was not taking mobile users to the intended message.
  • Players interested in joining a Quick Match now "Claim a Seat" instead of "Chat with GM."
  • Updated styling of the drawer that displays Adventures to users.
  • Typos and Text cleanup.

December 22, 2020

  • We are pleased to announce Demiplane’s Adventure Portal is now live!
  • In addition to our great matchmaking service, users can now also summon their own portal and keep everything great about Adventuring in one place.
  • Each Adventure Portal allows for voice, video, and text chat - all new features to Demiplane.
  • We’ve carried over our shared Journals and task-tracking Adventure Tools so they can be immediately accessed within the Portal.
  • All Matchmaking features - including the ability to recruit interested players - take place within your Adventure Portal.
  • Outside of the new Adventure Portal, we’ve enhanced our Adventure Discovery capabilities by displaying joinable Adventures based both by your indicated interests and certain categories (newest/most recent, free to play, and almost closed).