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March 31, 2021

New Features

  • Fight the horde of noise monsters by utilizing our 'Push to Talk' (PTT) feature, now live across all Adventure Portals. Press and hold Spacebar to activate PTT when you're focused on your video screen.
  • Released the first in a series of Profile-related updates by moving Account Settings and Payment Details into an improved user interface. You can now access this information without interrupting whatever monster-slaying you're currently involved with.

Updates / Fixes

  • Corrected a mobile issue that appeared when filtering based on Availability.
  • Recombobulated Notifications - event timestamps have been fixed; marking all notifications as read will now also clear notifications on Adventure Portal tokens (as intended); updated chat notifications.
  • Tweaked Journal searching to account for a few cases where searching journals would not result in the journal appearing.

March 17, 2021

New Features

  • Are you the rogue getting pushed to the front of the party while everyone follows 30 feet behind? Do you mumble "I check for traps" in your sleep and wake up in a cold sweat? We can't help with your night terrors, but you can now save your favorite dice rolls right from chat by typing: /save investigation: 1d20+11 or /save {name}: {roll command}  
  • Users can now Roll Advantage or disadvantage from chat by adding “-a” or “-d” after the roll. 
  • This works across all roll commands (/f {name} -a (or /fav, /fgm, /favgm, /r, /roll, /rgm, or /rollgm)
  • Added button in Portal Settings -> Theme Scores to "Set to my Theme Scores"

Updates / Fixes

  • Skeletons on home page and removal of spinner loader
  • Fixed URL navigation issues that were keeping users from joining very recently created adventures. 
  • Tightened up styling across the app (tokens and messaging, primarily)
  • Resolved an issue with Legacy Journals and provided a minor enhancement to journal formatting abilities. 
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some users being unable to update their address
  • Cleaned up "next session" scheduling area
  • Cleaned up mobile interactions with Adventure Tools 
  • Share links will now navigate potential party members directly to a private chat with the GM.
  • Entering a whisper maintains the audio/video status you were in previously (instead of automatically activating video). 
  • Fixed a bug that kept users from starting video in paid adventure portals while also having expired credit card info

March 2, 2021

New Features

  • Secret rolls to the Game Master
  • Watch your Party’s scribe taking notes in real-time with our updated Journal capabilities. 


  • High octane performance boost that delivers major speed and responsiveness improvements.

February 9, 2021

New Features

  • Implemented Game Master screen sharing! As a GM, you can now easily share visuals with other members of your Adventure Portal, from maps to resource material and everything in-between! 
  • Screen Sharing is now active across all Adventure Portals. To take advantage of this new feature, find the button in the lower-left portion of your Video or Audio chat screen
  • Who let the GIFs out? We did - and now you can, too! Select the "GIF" icon in your chat bar to unleash GIFs of your choosing upon your unsuspecting party members.
  • Added in the ability to Invite your friends while creating a new portal, instead of having to wait to do so afterwards. 
  • Profile Avatars: You can now upload profile and character avatars within Demiplane! Update your character's avatar within a Portal's settings menu - each of your Portals can hold a unique image! Update your broader profile by selecting your current avatar in the top-right corner of the screen and then select the edit icon over your username (it looks like a pencil).
  • New Dice Commands: Live dangerously and roll dice directly from chat! Type'/r' before a dice command (/r 1d4) or '/f' before the name of a favorite roll (/f longsword) to use these commands. Check out our handy dice rolling guide to learn more.

Updates / Fixes

  • Users should no longer lose video connection when resizing their window too small.
  • Overall cleanup of the account creation flow.
  • A series of styling updates across the app to accommodate the wide-range of resolutions and screen dimensions.

January 19, 2021

New Features

  • Whisper: Whisper allows you to quickly pull aside one of your players into a private video chat where you can share secrets that only they would know! More than one successful Perception roll? Whisper also allows you to invite others to this secret portal. This new feature is enabled whenever a Game Master launches an Adventure and uses Demiplane's video or voice chat.
  • We've introduced our beta Dice Roller into Adventure Portals with this release. You can use the visual roller, or you can leverage the Command Prompt to enter specific commands. This marks the first step of this feature. Our Dice Command guide can be found here.
  • Voice & Video Indicators - see who is chatting in your Demiplane before you activate voice or video.
  • "Mark all as read" in the notifications drawer

Updates / Fixes

  • Notifications are now correctly marked as read. Sorry about that, folks.
  • Fixed several display issues related to displaying the number of Adventurers in an Adventure Portal. 
  • Restored the ability for both Players and Game Masters to reorder Tasks.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered modals from appearing multiple times when creating a new Portal. 
  • Fixed an issue in Journals that interrupted the saving process.
  • Added Game Systems to the list of possible systems.

January 5, 2021

  • Notifications: Updated notification toggles in profile. 
  • Adventure Feedback & Ending Adventures: Added an email for Game Masters seeking to rate players following an Adventure. Minor tweaks to the in-app rating flow.
  • Matchmaking: Enabled the Portal settings button for pending users. Fixed an issue caused by a GM accidentally enabling matchmaking multiple times. Added the paid game banner in the mobile header of paid games. Additional minor tweaks.
  • Adventure Portal: Added scroll bar to party settings. Corrected the count of Pending Users. Additional minor tweaks to the Adventure Portal. 
  • Backend: Several scheduled updates following the release of the Adventure Portal on 12/21.

December 24, 2020

  • We've pushed an update to Demiplane focused on incorporating early feedback and some clean-up following Monday's successful release. You will receive these features after pressing the "Reload" button that appears in the Demiplane app once you log in. 

New Features & Tweaks

  • Added links to the Demiplane Support Center in the top navigation of the application and the login screen.
  • Players can now access Adventure Portal video at any time, with two exceptions: when waiting to confirm and join a paid episode or if they leave a paid Adventure before the session is over.
  • Character Limit removed from GM bio. Bring in your favorite reviews or song lyrics - whichever you prefer.


  • "Chat with GM" button no longer falls off the bottom of the Adventure drawer.
  • Styling of Portal nav bar for users that have left a paid episode.
  • Price in the Ad Details drawer no longer displays Price as the number of pennies.
  • Updated alert messaging related to using Invite links and joining new Adventure Portals.
  • Fixed a Mobile chat notification routing issue that was not taking mobile users to the intended message.
  • Players interested in joining a Quick Match now "Claim a Seat" instead of "Chat with GM."
  • Updated styling of the drawer that displays Adventures to users.
  • Typos and Text cleanup.

December 22, 2020

  • We are pleased to announce Demiplane’s Adventure Portal is now live!
  • In addition to our great matchmaking service, users can now also summon their own portal and keep everything great about Adventuring in one place. 
  • Each Adventure Portal allows for voice, video, and text chat - all new features to Demiplane. 
  • We’ve carried over our shared Journals and task-tracking Adventure Tools so they can be immediately accessed within the Portal.
  • All Matchmaking features - including the ability to recruit interested players - take place within your Adventure Portal. 
  • Outside of the new Adventure Portal, we’ve enhanced our Adventure Discovery capabilities by displaying joinable Adventures based both by your indicated interests and certain categories (newest/most recent, free to play, and almost closed).