Bart Vickers
September 27, 2022

How-To: Content Sharing On Demiplane

How-To: Content Sharing On Demiplane

Note: Content Sharing is a benefit available with an Active Demiplane Membership. Learn more here.

Sharing your Demiplane digital library is one of the best ways to get the most value out of your sourcebooks, adventures, and playtests. You can introduce your play group to a brand new game or bring in friends who have never played a tabletop roleplaying game before. 

But once you have your Demiplane Membership activated, how do you actually share your content? This is your step-by-step guide to making it happen!

  1. Content sharing can be managed through two locations: clicking your Avatar or by going to the My Groups screen of the main Demiplane site navigation. Note that the people you share content with do not need to be in one of your groups. See below:
  1. From My Groups, click Manage Content Sharing. When you do, you’ll see the Content Sharing Control Panel appear:
  1. From here, you simply add either their Demiplane username or email address and click Share Content. Always double check to make sure you have the username or email correct.

    Note that if the person you want to share with doesn’t have a Demiplane account yet, they’ll need to create one before they can access your content (creating a Demiplane account is always free).
  1. After you click Share Content, Demiplane sends an email to the person you invited if they’re not already a Demiplane user:
  1. Once you have invited someone, their username or email will appear in the Invited section. If you need to remove them, simply click REMOVE.
  1. In the example above, the person being invited didn’t have a Demiplane account yet, so they created one in order to access your library. They now show up under People, and can be removed by clicking the Remove button.
  2. You’re now sharing your content! On your Demiplane My Groups screen, you’ll now see that the number of shares you’ve used has gone up by 1:

Content sharing is a powerful new tool for Demiplaners, and we’re eager to continue to improve it for our users. Have suggestions? Let us know over on the Forums!

Learn more about Demiplane Membership, what’s included, and what’s coming next here

Bart Vickers