September 27, 2022

Demiplane Memberships Now Available

New Demiplane Memberships Introduce Content Sharing Capability

Demiplane is rolling out a new feature today that is the next major step towards the full release of our NEXUS offerings. That’s right, Demiplane Memberships are available now! Here’s everything you need to know before you sign up.

At $4.99/month, Demiplane Memberships come with two key benefits: Content Sharing and Unlimited Characters.

Demiplane memberships allow you to share purchased content across all Demiplane NEXUSes.
Content Sharing

As a Member, you can share any content that you own across any of our NEXUSes with up to 24 of your friends. These content sharing slots are on an account by account basis, which gives you ultimate flexibility over who you share your content with. They don’t even need to share a group with you: you can add them by username or, if they don’t have an account already, you can enter their email address and let us send them an invitation to join Demiplane to access your shared content.

Unlimited Characters

When Character Tools are released, Members will have unlimited character slots across all of our NEXUSes. Speaking of Character Tools, those will be entering alpha testing Soon™. Initially, we had planned to wait and release Demiplane Memberships after the launch of Character Tools, but since so many people requested content sharing, we decided to release it sooner to let you share your purchased books and get playing with your friends!

Some additional details:

  • We will not increase the price of Demiplane Memberships when we release Character Tools.
  • Content Sharing allows you to share books and all of the locked content (stat blocks, items, feats, and more!) within them with your friends. It does not apply to your unlimited character slots.
  • How can you get the most out of Content Sharing? Check out this How-To article.
  • We have a special gift to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone who becomes a Demiplane Member now, before Character Tools go-live.

What’s that? A special gift?

To show our appreciation to our phenomenal community, new Members will receive three $5 discount codes when they join by November 14, 2022! You can expect to receive your codes at the email address connected to your Demiplane account within 2 business days of joining. These codes can be used on any book purchase of $19.99 or more (not valid on Bundles). You can use one code per order by entering it on the final page during checkout.

These codes will be valid through January 31 2022 at 12:01am US Central Time.

To recap: Demiplane Memberships have launched and you can join today!. When you do, you receive immediate access to content sharing. If you join before November 1st, you’ll also receive three coupons for $5 each. When Character Tools release, you will have unlimited character slots. If you’d like to learn more about Memberships, you can visit the Membership page here, or check out Adam Bradford’s Dev Update where he discussed Memberships.

Joshua Simons