Playtest Daggerheart Today!

The Daggerheart NEXUS character builder, digital character sheet, digital reader, and game compendium for the open beta playtest are live now - try out the game and let your voice be heard!

Character Tools Have Landed

Create the perfect character to survive the cold horrors of space with the Character Builder, and track everything you need during play with the Digital Character Sheet...

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Remaster Character Tools Have Arrived!

Pathfinder NEXUS has launched out of Beta! Thank you for being a part of the journey - your support and feedback have allowed us to make some important updates and changes that bring all of the joy of Pathfinder directly into your hands...

Become Your Favorite Super Hero

Face front, True Believers! The Character Builder and Digital Character Sheet are live NOW for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game.

Smash your way into your own Super Hero saga today!

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Character Tools

Say hello to easy character creation and gameplay with our NEXUS Character Tools! We’re actively building these digital character tools for our entire library of games -- including Pathfinder, Avatar Legends, Vampire, Marvel, Candela Obscura -- with more to come all the time!


Groups & Matchmaking

Powerful and flexible tools for use with any tabletop roleplaying game, plus features to support professional Game Masters - including an algorithm-driven group and game finder, video and voice, chat and shared journals, dice rolling, tipping and paid adventures, and more!


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