The Heroes Have Returned!


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HEROES OF THE PLANES features the continuing adventures of familiar characters Penelope "Half-Pint," Freely, Alyndra Sarrbarand, Briv Steelmarrow, Orkira Ildrex, and Widdle as they traverse the multiverse battling evil and righting wrongs!


Penelope "Half-Pint"

Played by Hope LaVelle

Through thick and thin Penelope "Half-Pint" will be your friend! As a Mark of Hospitality Halfling Druid, Circle of the Moon, Penelope will make sure you never have a rainy day. Throughout her journeys across space and time, through the nine hells and countless dimensions, nothing has dampened her spirits. She has protected her friends from gods and demons, all while befriending krakens and gelatinous cubes. Have no doubt, this half-pint is a whole hero.
Hope LaVelle is a performer who specializes in improv and immersive experiences. Her extensive background in stunts has also led her into the world of motion capture. Additionally, she is a Producer at Fonco Studios. Follow her on Twitter:


Played by B. Dave Walters

Freely was born special. Chosen by the gods, his luck has taken him across the world, and even across the Planes. An unfortunate detour, being trapped as an Illithid, lead him into the company of his beloved friends, the Heroes of the Vale - although now they are Beyond Heroes! Armed with the magic in his blood and the Faith that flows through his sword, he always seeks to destroy evil wherever he can sense it. A daring Halfling of Action, Freely prefers to act first and think later, since - hey, things always tend to work out for him anyway, right? Pay no attention to his mechanical arm, thank you very much.
B. Dave Walters is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. He is best known as the writer and co-creator of Electropunk, Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish for IDW comics. He is the DM of Idle Champions Presents for CNEGames. He plays Baron Victor Temple on Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night on World of Darkness Twitch and Marcid the Typhoon on Dimension20. Catch B. Dave on Twitter:

Alyndra Sarrbarand

Played by Jennifer Kretchmer

Alyndra Alexandria Garanahil Sarrbarand, Lorekeeper of Rime Spiro, Kinscribe of Clan Monkeymouse, Daughter of Oblivion, explores the planes with her familiar, the ever-judgmental Griff, and Grant, a baby blue dragon in her care. A cleric of Oghma who found her ultimate calling in divination, Alyndra’s curiosity for exploring new cultures and people has led her across time and worlds, always seeking new knowledge.
Jennifer Kretchmer is a producer, writer, performer, and disability advocate. She is the creator of the Accessibility in Gaming Resource Guide and is one of the authors of D&D's Candlekeep Mysteries. Find her on Twitter at

Briv Steelmarrow

Played by Adam Bradford

Relentlessly brave but markedly uncouth, Briv Steelmarrow is a stalwart champion of the weak, innocent, downtrodden, and oppressed. Centuries ago, a cabal of Netherese mages experimented on Briv’s clan, gifting him a magical metal inside his bones that he can pull through his skin and shape for attack or defense. Once a bloodthirsty raider, Briv sought atonement by joining the Order of the Lost Cause, an elite group of knights that travel across the multiverse, taking on quests that only fools would pursue.
Adam Bradford is the CDO of Demiplane, founder of D&D Beyond, and a game designer, publisher, and digital paladin in the TRPG space. Follow him on Twitter:

Orkira Illdrex

Played by Lauren Urban

A dragonborn cleric of the Phoenix, Orkira's life is guided by constant change, creation, & destruction. With a heavily mutated body and a batch of burn scars, Orkira stands out on any plane of existence. Despite the trials she's endured, she still finds joy in new experiences on her travels and she’s devoted to supporting and protecting her friends in any way she can.
Lauren “Oboe” Urban is the Community Manager for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms by Codename Entertainment, as well as a professional classical oboist. When she's not playing a Bard in real life she's a prolific DM and player on a variety of livestreams and podcasts, and the best way to keep up is to follow her on Twitter:


Played by Meagan Kenreck

Widdle is a Gnome turned Dhampir who has made it her life goal to destroy Strahd. Navigating this odd mutation will not be easy for her, but she has made a promise to herself to set a good example for Dhampirs everywhere, with the help of Rend and her friends, to show them that this life does not make you a monster. She is incredibly fast, has a big personality, and an even bigger trenchcoat full of tricks!
Meagan Kenreck is a Twitch Streamer, and is best known as Sofieus on Silver and Steel. She is co-host of the upcoming "Todd and Meagan talk D&D", and also plays as Widdle in "The Adventures of Widdle and Rend", a D&D one on one show with her Husband, Todd, who plays as Rend. She is a Graphic Designer, photoshop enthusiast, advocate for inclusivity, and loves to cast friends on Twitter, she can be found at

Game Master

Avren (and More!)

Played by Todd Kenreck

Avren is an embodiment of mischief; a trickster god in humanoid form. Long ago, he tricked an ancient being into giving him magic and immortality. This power also came with a curse: whenever Avren dies, he will return to life with a new body and varying abilities. While Avren's body may change, however, his soul and his undying love for his wife, Sofieus, always remains. The two have remained married for centuries, seeking each other out to reunite in each lifetime.
Todd Kenreck has been reporting on the tabletop and video game industry for over 14 years and is an avid Dungeon Master and player. Visit Todd Kenreck on YouTube: